adult spinal deformity Time: 16:00-18:00 hrs CET
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Accreditation is applied for: CME credits by UEMS, KNGF, ADAP, NBOT and NVAMG.
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Our Speakers
Who's Speaking?

René Castelein

[Orthopedic Surgeon]
MD PhD orthopedic surgeon, Dutch Scoliosis Center Zeist, The Netherlands More info

Sanja Schreiber

[Ph.D. Rehabilitation Scientist]
Ph.D. Rehabilitation Scientist, Schroth scoliosis therapist, Canada More info

Eric Parent

[Associate Professor]
Associate Professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine – Physical Therapy, Canada More info

Sabrina Donzelli

[MD specialist]
MD Specialist in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Italy More info
[About the Webinar]
Background information

In this Webinar, the different aspects of PSSE will be covered by world renowned experts in the field of conservative scoliosis treatment.

Attention will be given to the available evidence for PSSE, the role of PSSE in improving outcome in terms of curve magnitude and patient’s Quality of Life, the improvement of propriocepsis, and improvement in back pain.

Needs assessment, educational needs. Surgical treatment of scoliosis has reached a certain point of standardization, where indications, techniques and outcomes are relatively well defined. 

Non-surgical treatment is gaining more and more attention, and the expectation is that it can help in stabilizing certain curves s (possibly in combination with brace treatment), thereby avoiding surgery in some, that it can improve the quality of life of the patient and the overall outcome of the treatment. 

Relevant questions such as indications, time of intervention, numbers needed to treat, effect on spinal balance, and effect on back pain, will be addressed by recognized experts, as much as possible in an evidence based manner. 

Expected educational outcome(s)

After the webinar, participants will have an enhanced knowledge and skills in the subject areas offered, and apply the knowledge and skills to improve perfomances and patient outcomes in their practice settings.

[Our Timetable]
At What Time?
16.00 hrs.
René Castelein, MD PhD orthopedic surgeon, Dutch Scoliosis Center Zeist, UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands
16.15 hrs.
Do program duration and baseline age influence the effects of PSSEs on curve angles and quality of life? A review
Dr. Eric Parent is associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine and adjunct professor in the Surgery program from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
16.45 hrs.
Psse practical notes on patient management
Dr. Sabrina Donzelli, MD Specialist in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Researcher and Physician at Italian Scientific Spine Institute, Milan, Italy and President Elect 1 of the SOSORT in 2022
17.15 hrs.
Adult Spinal Deformity: Indication, Outcomes and Non-operative Treatment
Dr. Sanja Schreiber, PhD, Adjunct Professor Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine - Physical Therapy, University of Alberta, International Schroth instructor, Edmonton, Canada
17.45 hrs.
Wrap up
René Castelein, MD PhD orthopedic surgeon, Dutch Scoliosis Center Zeist, UMC Utrecht The Netherlands